Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 36 ~ 39th Annual Forest Park Balloon Race!!

I LOVE the Forest Park Balloon Race!! 
I remember years ago going with my family, my dad putting me atop his shoulders as the balloons inflated and began their lift off. We would hurry to the van as soon as they took off so we could chase them and hopefully get to see them land, one year we even got to help a pilot land, talk about great memories!! I try to go every year to soak it all in: the people, the food (funnel cakes ~ YUM!), the interaction of the teammates on the field and of course all of the balloons!! This year I was able to capture a ton of really wonderful images, memories that reside in our family just as the images my dad took long ago with his Canon 35mm. 

Did you and your family go to the Balloon Race? Share your photo with me ~

The Energizer Bunny (or " Hot Hare" as it's known) sits 166 feet tall & 1,170 pounds! 

HeeHee ~ I was reenacting the winner from last years photo contest

*Did you know the first hot air balloon was launched in Paris, France in 1783!

All images were taken with Canon Rebel XSI 50 mm 1.4 & 75-300 5.6


  1. you captured some incredible images here! love the colours and different angles. fun!

  2. Great series of photos. The colors are spectacular.


  3. These pictures are incredible. I love the one with you reaching up for the popcorn! Cute!

  4. I agree. Wonderful photos and colors and angles.

  5. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments, it means so much!! <3