Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 35 ~ Remembering September 11th

10 years ago today I was getting ready to unlock the doors of the restaurant I had been working in, the owner had just turned on the TVs and what we seen was unimaginable. Only 21 at the time, my young mind could not fathom the devastation that was taking place thousands of miles away. The helpless feeling that came over me, like many other Americans all over the world, was claustrophobic. Knowing my father and step mother lived only a few hours away in Upstate New York, hoping their lives weren't directly impacted as tears rolled down my cheeks. Today, a decade later, my husband and I joined other Saint Louisans at Art Hill in Forest Park, to see 2,996 American flags that were placed by 300 volunteers in remembrance for each person who lost their life that day. It was emotional and heartwarming to say the least.  Do you remember what you were doing when you heard this devastating news?

Each flag pole was marked with the name, age and sometimes a photo of the deceased

This little boy and his mama were signing the Star Bangled Banner as they look out onto the flags blowing in the wind ~ <3
2 simple words that mean so much

All photos were taken with Canon Rebel XSI 50mm 1.4


  1. Amazing photos. I was in 10th grade when it happened. I remember we were all very confused. Many of us thought it was a scene from a movie until we saw the news anchors and then realized the horror. Sad day. NEVER FORGET.

  2. thank you for sharing these beautiful and touching images. :) rebecca

  3. Always remembering ~ Very proud to be an American! Visting from Rebecca Coopers tweet ...thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you ladies, I am glad to bring a little warmth to your hearts on this day. <3