Saturday, May 19, 2012

St Louis - View from a Trolly Car

My mom had always wanted to take the St Louis Trolly Tour like a true tourist, so we hopped on the trolly and seen some sites! All of the photos below were taken while we were on the move. 
Visiting St Louis? I recommend this tour! Fun and a great way to learn about key points about a new city!

3 things we learned about St Louis: 
1. Ice cream, seven up, dr. pepper and hot dogs were discovered at the 1904 Worlds Fair
2. St Louis has a population of 315, 000
3. In 1859, Ulysses S. Grant legally freed his only slave at the Old Courthouse.

And we're off!
 Mississippi River

Funnel Cake and Lemonade PEEZ!
 Self proclaimed commander for Christ ~ Hey, to each their own!
Another inexpensive fun way to see the city!
Old Cathedral ~ Built in 1764 as a log cabin, later converted in to this brick building. 
St Louis Criminal Court Clerk Building - Lady of Justice & not sure what this fellow is called. Anyone?
One of my very favorite buildings in St Louis City ~ City Hall ~ Built in 1893. They had planned in the 80's to power wash the mold off of the building but didn't think it would hold up to it so they decided to let the mold grow and become part of the aesthetics. 
St Louis Union Station ~ Opened in 1894 ~ Was one of the largest passenger train terminals but closed it's terminals in 1978. It is now home to a neat hotel and several shops. 
Meet me at the Muny, the Muny at Forset Park! Neat outside venue to see theatrical shows. 
 World's Fair Pavilion ~ Popular place for photos (as you can see) and swimming :)
Watching the wedding party, I love weddings
 St Louis Art Museum ~ Free, built in 1879 and definitely a must see when visiting. Great collections!
 I am huge fan of architecture (as if you couldn't tell) and have always found this church gorgeous. Cathedral Basilica ~ Built in 1907 and is open to the public year round. Stunning craftsmen ship!

 St Louis University Mascot - Billiken

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dailey Sneak Peek

Meet the Dailey's, Melanie and I go way back. Our dads were soccer coaches and we had to tag along to everything. She has a sweet infectious laugh and I had the pleasure of meeting her family today (the only woman among 5 guys...eek!). We met up at our hometown park for some fun, thanks to the rain for holding out!! Here's a sneak peek of our day. 

 Melanie and Bill - married for 10 years <3
Luke ~ 20
Gabe ~ 16
Austin ~ 12
Billy ~ 4
 Luke and Ashley ~ they are getting married in June!

Ashley ~ Look at those gorgeous eyes! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carmen and Mike Sneak Peek

I have known Carmen since my very first date with my husband who I have been with for almost 8 years now, she is my boss and friend. We all withstood the 90' heat today to rock out some photos. 
Here are just a few!