Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moon Love

 It has been a long time since I have posted on here but I am back and hope you come by to take a look! 

I am a bit obsessed with the moon and the sun, but without a doubt I prefer the dark of night. 
Since I remember I have always been able to see a face on the moon, although I know it is just its' craters, it is still comforting. We had a Harvest Moon tonight and decided to capture it at different times. 
What about you, do you see a face in the moon?

Approx: 6:45 - Sun is lowering, sky is baby blue

Approx: 7:20 - Sun lowering on the tops of the trees, sky a gorgeous navy blue

 Approx: 8:00 - Moon is shining bright against the dark night sky right above our home 
A soft glowy haze hugs the shimmering brilliance

Playing with manual settings, imagining a flying moon

Ahh found the sweet spot - 1/8000 5.6 - look closely, you can barely see the 
shimmer of surrounding stars

Anyone else see a tiny face of a cat in this one? 

All photos were taken with Canon 7d - 28-135mm & 75-300mm