Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Moslander/Fonseca Family Session

I had a blast with this family Friday night, they are fun loving, goofy and brought a ton of fun to the session! We had gorgeous weather and a beautiful fall background.
Just a sneak peek of our time together.

Kim and her beautiful daughter Maria
Kim and her boys
Maria has some serious model potential!!

I love fun shots like these and so do they!

Sweet, posed, playing along
Carefree, funny and having fun
Boys kicking it V style
Great family photo!
This one made me laugh!! 
Beauty ~ Like mother, like daughter <3
Facebook profile pic pose! 

~ Family is not an important thing, it's everything~ 
~Michael J Fox~

All photos were taken with Canon 7d, 28-135mm lens

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moon Love

 It has been a long time since I have posted on here but I am back and hope you come by to take a look! 

I am a bit obsessed with the moon and the sun, but without a doubt I prefer the dark of night. 
Since I remember I have always been able to see a face on the moon, although I know it is just its' craters, it is still comforting. We had a Harvest Moon tonight and decided to capture it at different times. 
What about you, do you see a face in the moon?

Approx: 6:45 - Sun is lowering, sky is baby blue

Approx: 7:20 - Sun lowering on the tops of the trees, sky a gorgeous navy blue

 Approx: 8:00 - Moon is shining bright against the dark night sky right above our home 
A soft glowy haze hugs the shimmering brilliance

Playing with manual settings, imagining a flying moon

Ahh found the sweet spot - 1/8000 5.6 - look closely, you can barely see the 
shimmer of surrounding stars

Anyone else see a tiny face of a cat in this one? 

All photos were taken with Canon 7d - 28-135mm & 75-300mm

Saturday, May 19, 2012

St Louis - View from a Trolly Car

My mom had always wanted to take the St Louis Trolly Tour like a true tourist, so we hopped on the trolly and seen some sites! All of the photos below were taken while we were on the move. 
Visiting St Louis? I recommend this tour! Fun and a great way to learn about key points about a new city!

3 things we learned about St Louis: 
1. Ice cream, seven up, dr. pepper and hot dogs were discovered at the 1904 Worlds Fair
2. St Louis has a population of 315, 000
3. In 1859, Ulysses S. Grant legally freed his only slave at the Old Courthouse.

And we're off!
 Mississippi River

Funnel Cake and Lemonade PEEZ!
 Self proclaimed commander for Christ ~ Hey, to each their own!
Another inexpensive fun way to see the city!
Old Cathedral ~ Built in 1764 as a log cabin, later converted in to this brick building. 
St Louis Criminal Court Clerk Building - Lady of Justice & not sure what this fellow is called. Anyone?
One of my very favorite buildings in St Louis City ~ City Hall ~ Built in 1893. They had planned in the 80's to power wash the mold off of the building but didn't think it would hold up to it so they decided to let the mold grow and become part of the aesthetics. 
St Louis Union Station ~ Opened in 1894 ~ Was one of the largest passenger train terminals but closed it's terminals in 1978. It is now home to a neat hotel and several shops. 
Meet me at the Muny, the Muny at Forset Park! Neat outside venue to see theatrical shows. 
 World's Fair Pavilion ~ Popular place for photos (as you can see) and swimming :)
Watching the wedding party, I love weddings
 St Louis Art Museum ~ Free, built in 1879 and definitely a must see when visiting. Great collections!
 I am huge fan of architecture (as if you couldn't tell) and have always found this church gorgeous. Cathedral Basilica ~ Built in 1907 and is open to the public year round. Stunning craftsmen ship!

 St Louis University Mascot - Billiken