Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week 34 ~ So You Say It's Your Birthday..

My momma's birthday was yesterday, I am sure she'll appreciate if I don't tell her age :) & 
she also recently moved into a new duplex so we did it right and had a birthday/house warming BBQ. Friends and family were there and made it for a lovely day, tons of food, desserts and of course fun (the kids made sure of that!)
So you say it's your birthday ~ Beatles ~

Katie giving grandma a kiss, too sweet!
I love radishes but what I love more is the calendar they are draining in. I am always trying to get this from mom. It is over 50 years old and sturdy as can be. Someday...
Tomato, Cucumber, Onion Vinaigrette salad ~ perfect on a hot day!
My mother in law Jean & my mom Tina ~ two sweethearts
Mom's deviled eggs..MMM

Yummy pinwheel roll ups ~ my new party treat ~ you can make them with anything!
My hubby!
The cousins ~ Gabe (love those big blue eyes!), Lucy, Corie & Katie

Gotta have pasta salad @ a BBQ but maybe we just didn't need 2 gallons of it ~ heehee
My pretty sister in law Kelly & the birthday girl
Jean with the natural sunlight behind her
My bro Jason doing his thing - BBQing
Locust shell ~ love the bokeh in this photo
My new little buddy William ~ look at those gorgeous blue eyes!!
Corie ASKED to sweep! She loves it, she needs to start charging now!
The cousins piling up on sleeping beauty
Everyone loves cupcakes, FUNfetti!
Father in law Marty, Mother in law Jean and my hubby

All photos were taken with Canon Rebel XSI 18-55mm

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