Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 48 ~ Branson Part II ~ Tattoo Fun

So we are about an hour and a half outside of Branson when Melissa said "We should all get tattoos", I think I was the only one who took her seriously. By the time, we got to Branson, we had all pretty much agreed on getting one. So we ended up @ the Ragin Rhino to get a permanent souvenir!

Jamie getting her tattoo cherry popped. She chose to get her son's name and little footprints. 

Shelly chose a cancer ribbon. One half for lung cancer, the other for breast cancer.
(This now makes #5) 

I love buttons and I love my nieces. I choose two little heart buttons, each one is their favorite color. (This now makes #8!)

That's my momma. She chose a colorful sun in memory of her brother, Sunny. (She always wanted a tattoo so a couple of years ago I kept buying her tattoo gift certificates, this now makes #3!)

Melissa chose a pretty moon to go with her existing sun (This now makes #11!)

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