Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 32 ~ Feeling Festive?

The Festival of Little Hills weekend has been going on in St Charles for many years now and over 300 vendors from 30 different states come to sell their goods. When I woke Saturday morning there was nothing but grey skies & pouring rain. Although I am partial to this type of weather, I didn't want the all of the hard work and organization that went into this event to be wasted but with a little delay the sun shined behind the clouds & it turned out to be a wonderful day for all of the festivities!

Love these colorful hand painted cheery mushrooms!
 This man has been stamping leather for over 20 years. He & his wife came all the way from Georgia, his favorite thing about St Louis ~ the BBQ!
 Look at this precious little sweetie, she was so calm amongst the smells of the food, dogs and sticky kids.
 I didn't get the chance to speak to this man but I bet he has some stories to be told. Don't you just want someone like this to write a book? 
The fruit of his labor ~ I always have to buy fresh Kettle Corn at the fair!
My coworkers & friends ~ Dale & Lauren
Lauren's handmade barettes, so cute I couldn't choose which ones I wanted!
Jerry Garcia??
Monkeying around
This is Tank ~ the stocky stud!
Bright colors & pure sweetness
 I fell in love with this couple, wondering how long they have been together & how long they have been visiting this particular festival. Glad to see someone else that can't touch the ground! 
 Almost PUMPKIN season ~ YIPPEE!!
I think when I asked if I could take her photo she was embarrassed, 
I just thought she was confident in who she is and she was definitely rocking' her style!
 I loved meeting this man ~ hilarious and fun spirited, enjoying what he does. So wish he had a real monkey though!

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