Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 18 ~ Seattle, WA

Welcome back to part 2 of our travel photos. The last stop on our trip was Seattle, WA, I am glad we had the chance to stay a few days as I have always wanted to visit. I found an awesome deal that included 6 of the most popular Seattle tourist sites for $59! A few different cities have them so if you are planning a trip, check this site out -

The Walla Walla ferry from Bremerton, WA
This is such a beautiful way to enter the city, we were able to see the entire Seattle sky line at once.

Gorgeous view of the city.
 Male California Sea Lions basking in the Seattle sun.
 I <3 Marinas, there is a elegance to them.

View from the Space Needle.
View from the Space Needle.
Loved taking the Monorail, $4 round trip & a great view of the city! 

First meal in Seattle - Chillies Paste Thai Cusine - YUM!

 View from the plane of Mt. Rainier with Mt. Saint Helen in the background.

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  1. Great photos and I love Seattle too. I have visited this lovely city 3 times and each time it was wet, cold and rainy.